Dilemmas And Decisions

Ok I have a small issue. Tomorrow I’m going for an interview in the city…. thats not the dilemma.

The Dilemma is, after my interview while I’m in the city, should I…

giphy date

A) Meet up with a TTT (Typical Tinder Tom) that I have been texting for a while now, for coffee? I really don’t know if anything will happen between us, he seems to have a few ‘issues’. But then again, you never know?

giphy the d

B) Meet up with a previous FWB and be guaranteed the “D”? However nothing is ever going to happen between us and I have caught feels for him before. Do I allow myself more potential heartbreak just to satisfy my “womanly” needs?

giphy all by myself

C) Nothing, go to your interview and go home, ta fuck!

If I could have your answers on postcards please and thank you!

giphy bye felicia


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