Why Ghosting Is The Ultimate “Fuck You”

Ghosting is so shit. Its is the ultimate in shitness. If you are not aware of the term allow me to enlighten you.

giphy ghosting 2

Ghosting is the act of getting someone interested in you, texting them, talking to them, going out with them, sleeping with them and then just ignoring them. Ignore all texts, calls and generally just forget that they exist. Instead of growing a pair of fucking balls and saying “I don’t want to see you again, I’m not interested in you anymore…etc..” It is a scumbag thing to do and it happens All. The. Time.

giphy ghosting

Can you tell I’ve recently been ghosted?

Boys are shits. Ghosting is shit. Being so ignorant to someone that you had, legit, been inside of; it’s horrible. The opposite of love, isn’t hate. Its indifference.

giphy lighten up

I don’t know if I have ghosted people in the past. Maybe I have and I never realised what I was doing. But I can honestly say that I will not ghost anyone in the future. I’d much rather have a confrontation than ignore the situation and hope it just goes away on its own. people deserve more than that. Even creepy boys.

giphy taylor

My balls are officially the size of watermelons, come at me brah!


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