Vagina Update 2

I spoke too fucking soon. As per usual….

giphy britney

The last 5 days I’ve been spotting, not enough for a pad but enough to make you feel icky as fuck. Pantyliners it is. I can’t believe I have actually bought pantyliners. The very name gives me shivers…. “Panties”

giphy panty sniffer

Also I’m pretty sure only middle-aged women buy them for middle-aged things I don’t know about yet…. Or perhaps I’m wrong? Have all y’all bitches been wearing pantyliners I just never got the memo? Anyway in case you came here for a pantyliner recommendation (why?), I bought some bodyform ones. They’re in the green box and they are super thin and you can’t even feel them and they were on sale. Obvs.

giphy hormones

I have been cramping a little bit, but not enough for me to take painkillers or anything. But the worst part is my mood. My hormones are all over the place so I’m crying over the littlest thing and generally being awful annoying to be around. I’m annoying myself with how pathetic I am. But thats mother nature for ya!…… or medically placed hormonal devices. Either or, ’tis shit.

giphy crying drunk


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