The Inevitable, Small Town, Tinder Nightmare

I live in a small town, in a small county, with family all over the place. Half of which I don’t even know. So the inevitable happened…….

I got matched with someone I may be vaguely related to.

giphy eww

All our mutual friends were my cousins, so I obvs had to ask! (Yes I have no problem starting a conversation first, which sadly seems to be unusual for a girl…)

So Typical Tinder Tom or TTT  as he will now be know as, says that yes he knows my cousins. No elaboration. So next question,

giphy brother

Me:  “Friends or family?”

TTT: “Family”

Thats it, I’m done. TTT tries to keep me chatting but I’m off like a debs dress…

giphy bye felicia


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