Prepping my vagina like a BOSS

So you may read the title of this post and think to yourself – “Aww, this girl is getting LAID! Whoop! YEAH”

giphy sex haha


I am prepping my vagina for an IUD (IUS?) that will be inserted straight up my hoo-ha into my uterus in 4 days time. Seems drastic, yes? Allow me to explain.


So because I’m fat, the combined pill doesn’t suit me. I had to go on the mini-pill with contains only one type of hormone and you take it continuously without any breaks. I was on cerazette and it was/is fantastic! My periods stopped, I had no migraines and unlike some other mini-pills, I had a 12 hour window to take it daily. I have to say it is fantastic and suited me down to the ground! I have tried a few other pills before, Yasminelle, Microlite and yasmin but Cerazette kicked all their asses!

Now I already take a few tablets everyday for other medical conditions and to be honest I’m fed up of being on so many. So I’m trying my best to cut them down as much as I can and the pill is one that I can eliminate.

giphy iud

Off I went to my fabulous doctor and discussed my contraceptive options. However I already knew what I wanted and have researched all of them in such detail that I’m thinking of opening a contraception advice hotline. Anyway Jaydess ticked all my boxes (lol). Its the little sister to the mirina. It’s smaller so it’s easer to fit in women who have not given birth and destroyed their cervix….. sorry, ‘stretched’ their cervix. It lasts for 3 years and it makes your periods lighter and can even stop them (fingers crossed!). Its also using the same hormone that is in cerazette so (hopefully) my body will be used to it.

However normally you have to get it fitted during your period because then you’re defo not preggers and your cervix is a bit……looser…….. *shudder*

Back to the now

giphy vagina

So I have to prep my vagina with 2 types of tablets to make things all loosey goosey. The first one is Cytotec 200mg. So this is a tablet, right? like how do i get it up there? will it fall out? Dr. Google showed me the way thankfully.

giphy cats

I have to lie back on my bed, bare-arsed and shove the tablet as far up my vagina as I can. That’s it. I get so scared to go to the loo in case I somehow push it out, which has happened with a tampon might I say! So don’t guffaw at my stupidness. Also from researching Cytotec it turns out this is the abortion tablet that you take within 12 weeks of a pregnancy. You obvs have to take more than 1 tablet, but yeah…. interesting considering I got these in Ireland.

The second tablet is called Vagifem 10mg and it comes in a tampon like applicator so much easier to insert. However when I researched this tablet all the info was geared towards old, menopausal women. So yeah. Cool.

Anyway last night was the first time I had taken them and I could definitely feel something going on downtown. It was as if I had a tampon in or something, I don’t know how to describe it! But I’ll keep you updated. Because I know this is just riveting stuff!

giphy safe sex


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